death wish

subject — Seishirou & Subaru (Tokyo Babylon/X)
opened — 15 March 2010
what — relationship fansite


But if I decide... that I cannot consider you special to me... if I cannot distinguish between you and that corpse... then... I will kill you. And so today... I will let you go.

Every now and then I reread this site and experience a range of emotions. Usually it's something between anguish at this awful doomed pairing, rage at CLAMP for never finishing X, and general eye rolling at all of the emotional drama.

Par for the course, really.

This site was opened in an incomplete state as part of Amassment's Valentine's Day Marathon in 2010. In 2014 it was finally finished as part of Amassment's Blast From the Past challenge, which seemed fitting. I'm largely happy with the site as it is now, although there are few things I'd like to go through and tweak eventually.

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All of these pages contain full spoilers for Tokyo Babylon and X.

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