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15 January 2017

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More buttons from Amassment’s Banner Trade event, this time at Drafted, Beyond the Sky, Fury Cutter, and Soul Dew.

13 January 2017

sorted under imprison, level 20 .

New buttons at Level 20 and Imprison, thanks to Amassment’s Banner Trade event.

29 December 2016

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Some end-of-year updates. Sorry things have been so quiet around here; it’s been that kind of year. You know how it goes.

· Beyond the Sky is now listed at Those Who Fight, the FF character directory. Check out the other sites listed at the directory, they’re all fantastic.

· Last month, Level 20 was honored with a recommendation from The Amazing—thank you!

· New buttons from Amassment’s Secret Santa event at Imprison, Soul Dew, Level 20, Drafted, and My Story. Thanks to Tara and Masao!

20 June 2016

sorted under defiers of fate .

Another gallery update for Defiers of Fate: I’ve completed the FFXIII-2 FMV screencap gallery.

15 June 2016

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Substantial update at Defiers of Fate today: I’ve completed the screencap gallery for FFXIII, which features images from the full motion videos. Screenshots from the other two games will follow at a later date.

5 May 2016

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New layout for the Valkyrie Profile fanlisting; I was never happy with the previous one and have been wanting to change it for a while.

More new and updated pages at Defiers of Fate:
· Music page for FFXIII-2
· Novella page for FFXIII-2
· Updated novella page for FFXIII
· DLC page for FFXIII-2

30 April 2016

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Finished a few more sections over at Defiers of Fate; I’ll update here whenever I have substantial updates. Today’s updates include:

· Achievement/trophy list for FFXIII-2
· Developer Q&A for FFXIII-2
· Completed FFXIII-2 art gallery
· Additions to the FFXIII art gallery

26 April 2016

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New page at Defiers of Fate! The introduction for FFXIII-2 is now available.

I’ve entered this site into the Construction Zone event at Amassment, so there will be more small updates like this in the coming weeks (and probably longer, given the scope of the material). This is a site that benefits a lot from working on it one piece at a time, so I’m looking forward to working on it in this fashion. I’m working on Lightning in tandem with this site (for real this time) and hope to open it in the next few months.

21 April 2016

sorted under death wish, level 20 .

Level 20 has a new affiliate. I also combed through the site and fixed a bunch of typos and other minor errors. I never manage to see these things before I open a site.

death wish also has a new affiliate.

19 April 2016

sorted under my story .

After eight years, My Story is finally open.

I feel as though I should have more to say, but I think I poured it all into the site. From the layout to the content, bits and pieces of this site date all the way back to 2008, and to have it finally finished and online feels—well, it’s hard to wrap my head around it. This is one of my all-time, must-make sites, and to have it finally open is a dream come true. ♥ has been updated with the new site.

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