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3 September 2014

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after the fire, my Cloud/Tifa fanlisting, is now crosslisted with TAFL and covers Cloud and Tifa’s relationship in the FFVII OVAs. I’ve made several new sets of codes from the Last Order OVA to reflect this.

Some general housekeeping info for this site: I’ve written several of the content sections already, but I’ve stalled on writing the rest of the content, and I haven’t been able to get any further with it. Unfortunately, this means that the fansite is on hold until I’m able to complete it. I figure it’s better to wait and work on it when I’m really in the mood than to try and force out content that I’m just not in the mood to write.

It’s unfortunate, because I’m really excited for this site, and it’s one that I really want to finish, but since it’s a subject that means a lot to me I want to put my best effort into it. With that in mind, it’s best to wait and focus on other projects in the meantime.

30 August 2014

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New fanlisting! This one’s for Master Chief from Halo. There are a couple of content sections, from stuff I wrote about a year ago; I don’t have any plans to expand this site, but I figured I’d toss up what I already had.

Also, has been updated with links to all of my Halo fanlistings, and Rare Candy has a new affiliate.

24 August 2014

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Revamp time! My fansite for the relationship between Seishirou & Subaru from CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon and X has been completely revamped. It used to be known as Atropos; it’s now known as death wish, and features a new layout, a fanlisting, a media section (with a terrible fanmix), and to top it off, all of the essays have been completely rewritten and all upcoming sections completed. This has been my project for the past few weeks, and I’m thrilled to be finished. Enjoy!

28 July 2014

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Added affiliates at all of my Final Fantasy fanlistings and one at Rare Candy.

27 July 2014

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Two new fanlistings today, for Cortana and the relationship between Master Chief & Cortana, both from the Halo series. Halo’s been one of my biggest fandoms for a couple years now, and I’m thrilled to be running both of these sites.

15 July 2014

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I was approved for one of my biggest wishlisters a while back, which also happened to be the next fansite I wanted to build. Unfortunately, I’ve been very busy with life things these past few weeks! So unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the fansite by the time the fanlisting needed to go up.

It’s still my current project, though, and I hope to have it done soon. In the meantime, you can check out the fanlisting section of after the fire, my upcoming fansite for Cloud & Tifa from FFVII.

I’ve also closed the post-rock fanlisting and my Diego/Mia fansite/fanlisting, bittersweet love. I don’t have any intentions of bringing that site back. Thanks to those who supported the site all these years.

11 June 2014

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New fanlisting! This one is for Sam & Kara from the Battlestar Galactica reboot.

6 June 2014

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Shortly after I finished playing Lightning Returns, I decided I wanted to build a fansite for the FFXIII subseries, and that I wanted to pair it with my upcoming Lightning site. I was unexpectedly approved for the FFXIII fanlisting this May, and decided to take this approval as motivation to get started on the site.

Since I only had a month to finish the fanlisting, Defiers of Fate currently only covers the first game, FFXIII, but will expand to cover the other two games in the future. I would have liked to complete more essays, as well, but: time constraints. Still, there’s a wealth of information about the first game to check out.

I was recently approved for another fanlisting subject on my to-build fansite list, so I’ll be focusing on that next.

20 May 2014

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I’ve converted the red crown network’s update log to FanUpdate, and transferred all of the old entries over to the script. I’ve been thinking about making this switch for some time, and I believe that FanUpdate’s features will allow me to more effectively catalog all of my sites’ updates. Over the next few days I’ll change the update links for each site; I haven’t yet decided whether to post each site’s updates on both this log and the sites themselves, but will do so soon.

18 May 2014

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Opened the fanlisting for Dune, my favorite scifi book of all time!

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