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18 May 2014

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Opened the fanlisting for Dune, my favorite scifi book of all time!

16 May 2014

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Added affiliates at Rare Candy, Imprison, and Fury Cutter.

13 May 2014

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Productivity continues! Fury Cutter, my Scyther fanlisting, has now been converted into a fansite and moved over to the pkmn subdomain. Like Ninetales, it features several information pages and an expansive picdex covering every game Scyther’s been in. These were really fun projects, and I’m glad I took the time to do them — I had a blast building both sites. Back to the to-do list now!

10 May 2014

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So this is the quickest that I’ve ever made a fansite, but… say hello to Imprison, my fansite for my absolute favorite Pokémon, Ninetales! I had a blast building it; it was a great reprieve after the hard work I put into vive memor leti. With it comes Rare Candy, my revived Pokémon collective.

I’m planning on converting my Scyther fanlisting into a fansite and moving it over to the collective next, then moving back to other projects.

6 May 2014

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vive memor leti, my fansite for the Director from Red vs. Blue, is now complete. Please note that if you haven’t seen the series, it’s full of spoilers that will ruin the show for you! Go watch the show first — I put up a handy viewing order the other day with links to all the episodes, so you have no excuse not to check it out.

My other RvB sites, save for the RvB fanlisting, have all been moved over to Please let me know if you encounter any broken links! Additionally, Fracture now has more icons, and I added an icon section to Anamnesis. has been updated with the new site and updated links.

2 May 2014

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You can now keep up with the red crown network’s updates on twitter by following the network twitter account, @crimsonthrone. Updates will still be catalogued here, as Twitter’s character limit makes it impractical for a full update log, but it’s certainly easier than checking back manually.

19 April 2014

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New domain layout! This one features Yuna from FFX, because she’s awesome. ♥ Redid the network page, as well. Not planning on changing the update page this time, since I like how this one’s been working out. (And I need to keep Lightning around somewhere.)

15 April 2014

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Opened the fanlisting for Ayu’s song Wake me up, one of my favorites.

14 April 2014

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He terminado mi sitio para criatura característica desafío de Amassment: un sitio para Lopez de Rojo vs Azul — whoops, sorry, left the Spanish setting on. Anyway, I’ve opened Un Día de Victoria, a fansite for Lopez from RvB, and updated my other RvB sites accordingly. It’s not a terribly serious site, but I had a ton of fun making it ♥

I also opened a fanlisting for Agnès Oblige from Bravely Default, who I love to pieces. ♥ Hoping to expand it in a couple months.

8 April 2014

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Opened fanlistings for Pacific Rim and Juliet from Lost, two subjects near and dear to my heart ♥

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