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30 March 2014

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I made a new layout for the Cid Highwind fanlisting… and then I spent the rest of the week building a fansite to go with it. Whoops. Like Squall, I never meant for this to happen, but, uh, now it’s here, and so is Final Heaven, my FFVII collective. (I knew I jinxed myself with Lightning. Oh well, at least I’m being productive.)

23 March 2014

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Opened the Vagrant Story fanlisting! Not super wild about the layout, but it’s hard to work with Akihiko Yoshida’s art, as much as I love it. In any case, I’m hoping to expand on the content once I finish my current playthrough of VS.

15 March 2014

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Opened the fanlisting for my favorite Mass Effect character, Miranda! As you can see from the subdomain, I’m planning on building a fansite for her in the near future. Not sure when just yet — I’ve got some other things in the queue first, and I’d like to replay ME2 as well. (My current ME2 save is my insanity run, and I’m stuck in Garrus’s basement. If you ask me he can clear out his own basement, thank you very much.)

3 March 2014

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Opened the Idris Elba fanlisting, and added a screencap gallery to the Last angel fanlisting.

27 February 2014

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Revamped and renamed the FF Music fanlisting! ♥

18 February 2014

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New layout, both here at the update page and at! The domain layout actually went up the week before last, but I’ve been a little busy playing Lightning Returns ;) The background pattern for this layout is by chamberten. My next project is gonna be the Lightning fansite I’ve been planning for the past couple of years; I’m pretty inspired to work on it. Look out for it in the next couple months, if all goes well (and if I didn’t just jinx myself).

27 January 2014

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DIVIDE, my site for Squall Leonhart of FFVIII, is now online. Considering this is a site I decided to make on the spur of the moment, it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be! You’ll find over a dozen essays about why FFVIII is a completely illogical game and how Squall manages to grow as a character despite that. There’s also a huge media gallery because I kind of took a lot of screencaps when I played the game. Oops. All told, though, I’m really proud of how it turned out!

14 January 2014

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· So I could have sworn I did this months ago, but apparently not! uncontrol has been updated to reflect the move to this domain, and the introduction has been slightly edited to reflect the fact that Viz put out an even cheaper digital version of the manga last year. I’m still the only one who actually cares, but hey! Good news. I’d like to add a couple of images to brighten up the content pages, but other than that uncontrol can be considered static. There’s not exactly much to add.

· Shape the Future is over on this domain now, but I want to edit that site like I want a hole in the head. I’ll get to it eventually.

· I’m currently working on a site for Squall of Final Fantasy VIII fame. Look out for it around the end of January/early February. Don’t ask me how he pushed his way to the front of the to-do list, I don’t know how it happened either.

27 September 2013

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vegas quadrant, my fanlisting collective, has been completely revamped and moved over to this domain. It’s been in limbo since I opened this domain, so I’m glad to have it back up and running again. Over the next few days I’ll be moving all of my remaining fanlistings over to this domain and changing their links. expired over the summer and will expire this winter, so I’m getting everything tidied up now.

25 September 2013

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· is now complete; all of the sites have been moved over and updated as necessary to reflect their current status. For now, it’ll stay as-is as I work on this domain.

· The site list on has been slightly edited to reflect the current status of sites, and the upcoming list has an addition.

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