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19 April 2014

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New domain layout! This one features Yuna from FFX, because she’s awesome. ♥ Redid the network page, as well. Not planning on changing the update page this time, since I like how this one’s been working out. (And I need to keep Lightning around somewhere.)

18 February 2014

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New layout, both here at the update page and at! The domain layout actually went up the week before last, but I’ve been a little busy playing Lightning Returns ;) The background pattern for this layout is by chamberten. My next project is gonna be the Lightning fansite I’ve been planning for the past couple of years; I’m pretty inspired to work on it. Look out for it in the next couple months, if all goes well (and if I didn’t just jinx myself).

25 September 2013

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· is now complete; all of the sites have been moved over and updated as necessary to reflect their current status. For now, it’ll stay as-is as I work on this domain.

· The site list on has been slightly edited to reflect the current status of sites, and the upcoming list has an addition.

18 May 2013

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Got up the layout and main page of the domain; started moving stuff around on the backend to get everything on this domain.

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