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7 March 2015

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New layout at! The new design features one of my life-long fandoms, Sailor Moon. There’s a bunch of tl;dr about my history with Sailor Moon on the domain page.

This design gave me a headache and a half; while this was the original layout idea I had in mind, I couldn’t get it to work at first, and I ended up scrapping a bunch of other layouts in the process of making it. Thankfully it ended up working out in the end and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m always happy when I get to make a design with lots and lots of colors ♥

I have a couple of other designs I need to make (not the least of which is the one for FFXII site… somehow I have 20+ pages of content and still no layout ahaha) so let’s hope this will be a productive month for me.

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