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19 April 2015

sorted under defiers of fate .

Substantial update over at Defiers of Fate today. New article in the depth section discussing Type-0 (spoiler warning if you haven’t played it, it completely spoils the ending); update on the music page in the series section for FFXIII (I somehow missed that an album existed); and a revamp of the site section. The site section also includes a new page that discusses the upcoming sections of the site and what you can look forward to.

Future updates to Defiers of Fate will be slow. I really need to replay at least one of the games before I work on any of the content, but I’m not really motivated to do that at the moment. I’d like to get the pages for the series section done for FFXIII-2 by the end of the year (and hopefully LR too), but articles for the depth section are going to come slowly. In some vague future I will have a Lightning site to pair with this site, but I want to actually finish it before opening it, so. No time soon.

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