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14 January 2014

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· So I could have sworn I did this months ago, but apparently not! uncontrol has been updated to reflect the move to this domain, and the introduction has been slightly edited to reflect the fact that Viz put out an even cheaper digital version of the manga last year. I’m still the only one who actually cares, but hey! Good news. I’d like to add a couple of images to brighten up the content pages, but other than that uncontrol can be considered static. There’s not exactly much to add.

· Shape the Future is over on this domain now, but I want to edit that site like I want a hole in the head. I’ll get to it eventually.

· I’m currently working on a site for Squall of Final Fantasy VIII fame. Look out for it around the end of January/early February. Don’t ask me how he pushed his way to the front of the to-do list, I don’t know how it happened either.

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