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13 June 2015

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Two things today.

First, my FFVII collective has been revamped, and has been renamed to Lucky Sevens. I’ve been wanting to rename it for a long while, but had a lot of trouble coming up with a name. I’m happy I finally found one I really like.

Second, the Crisis Core fanlisting has been completely revamped and moved over to the FFVII collective. I’ve been trying to revamp this fanlisting for ages, so I’m very glad I was able to come up with something at long last. There are a few new sets of codes, and it now has information about the game and the site.

Updates from here on out will be much slower. I plan to start working on my Lightning fansite in the coming months, with relevant updates to Defiers of Fate as I make progress.

11 June 2015

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I’ll revamp the FFVI soundtrack fanlisting, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

A week later, I’ve turned the scattered pieces of content I had into a coherent fansite. I have no idea how this happened either. You can now find all the information you could possibly want about my favorite soundtrack ever at this site. There’s a new layout and I remade all the codes, but the highlight is the oodles and oodles of information. I can’t believe I spent all week on this.

As a side note, since it’s a fansite now I will probably move to a subdomain at some point in the future, I’m just not sure where yet. I’ve tossed around the idea of turning the FF music fanlisting into a fansite, but after this site it’s very clear it’d be a ton of work, so. I’ve also thought about making a FFVI site… tl;dr I have no idea where this site will end up, so it’ll stay here for now.

3 June 2015

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New site! I’ve finally completed my one-page fansite for Laguna from FFVIII, Drafted. This site’s been a long time coming; I made the layout for the fansite half last fall when I opened the fanlisting, but the content took a while to complete.

I consider this site something of a companion to DIVIDE, since Laguna’s storyline itself runs alongside the main plot of FFVIII. It worked out well, though, and I’m happy with the result.

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