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The rest of my sites don't easily fit into categories. That doesn't mean I like these sites any less than the others; it just means I have a lot of diverse interests.

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obligatory fanlisting collective

relationship fansites

death wish

Seishirou & Subaru (Tokyo Babylon/X)
And so, today... I will let you go.
Last updated: April 2016 (new affiliate)

character fansites


Zen (Blank Slate)
I'm not really interested in my past, but... being controlled... even for a second... I won't stand for it.
Last updated: March 2016 (housekeeping)

Heaven's Requiem

Lenneth (Valkyrie Profile)
A god of death is merely responsible for the snuffing out of lives. I, however, can show you the path...
Last updated: March 2017 (new banner)

Never Stop Dreaming

Mystina (Valkyrie Profile)
Reality is so boring. I'd choose to sleep forever, if it'd mean I'd never stop dreaming...
Last updated: March 2016 (housekeeping)

music fansites

My Story

Ayumi Hamasaki
If I could flutter like a bird
I would fly to you
And offer my wing
To your wounded back
Last updated: December 2016 (new buttons)

20 years old

Don't go! It's a mighty long fall
When you thought love was the top
Oh no! It's a wake up call
When your life went into shock
Last updated: March 2016 (minor fix; site is outdated pending revamp)

coming soon

God Complex

Yagami Light (Death Note)
I won... just as planned.
Coming ???


Ten'ou Haruka (Sailor Moon)
I am the soldier of the skies, and I am the guardian of the planet of wind, Uranus.
Coming ???

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