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15 August 2022

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Finished updating all of my fanlistings and sites, whew. Who let me open so many?

Tidied up a bit as I went, but the only significant update was to Defiers of Fate—all three novellas came out in English a few years ago, so there’s some notes on that. As noted on the site, I’m waiting on rereleases of the games to dive back into working on content; I haven’t played the trilogy in years at this point. Now if only Square would hurry up and do it…!

14 August 2022

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I’ve successfully upgraded Enthusiast, so I’ve started going through all of my sites to ensure it works properly and make minor fixes. Only got about halfway through today; hopefully the rest tomorrow. One fanlisting was closed.

As part of this, the following sites and collectives had link checks and very minor fixes:
- Heartplace
- Lucky Sevens
- Beyond the Sky
- Rare Candy
- Fury Cutter
- Imprison
- Soul Dew
- Level 20

7 August 2022

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Long time no see! Since the last update, I’ve opened a couple more fanlistings:

The last one comes with a minor update to; I’ve updated the link lists and made some notes about my future plans.

And against all odds, I have a new fansite in the works. No word on when it’ll get done, but I’m making steady progress. Here’s hoping I get it done soon!

2 October 2020

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Unsurprisingly, I have opened two more Final Fantasy XIV fanlistings. The fact that it isn’t more is a testament to my restraint. One of them even has a layout!

15 May 2020

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Apparently I’ve forgotten to update again! I’ve opened a slew of fanlistings in the past few months, including two (!!) wishlisters. tbh, all of these were wishlisters in one way or another.

FF14 has unsurprisingly stolen my life, so a lot of these have similar layouts, but I did manage to make one for Ashe. I’d love to make a proper fansite for her one day, but for now Winds of Change will have to do. I did update with the new site.

Also, you’ll spy another new domain in there. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’ll figure something out.

13 December 2019

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Picking away at the fanlisting to-do list. Today’s update is a very good birb, Articuno! I adopted this one out some years ago, but when it was removed I had to reopen it. Made a new layout because the old one was horrendous.

17 November 2019

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Apparently I’ve forgotten to make update posts here, whoops. I’ve opened a bunch of new fanlistings this year despite being on hiatus! And I have a few more upcoming, so there’s more updates to come. In order of approval:

That last one comes with a very minor fansite revamp; no content changes but I redid a lot of the coding and made it responsive, so it should at least be viewable on mobile.

5 April 2019

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I’m alive! And I have a new fanlisting: Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m especially happy about this one; FMA has been one of my favorite series for a long, long time.

Unfortunately I’m still on hiatus, although I have more free time these days than I did last year so I’d like to get a few things done. I’ve moved hosts, so there are some backend things I need to get done, but here are some vague hopes for this year:

  • Winds of Change updates? Maybe? FFXII is coming out on Switch and of course I’m going to replay it, so I’ll have fresh thoughts. Plus I still have a ton of notes and screencaps from my PS4 run.
  • Lightning? Finally? Maybe? idefk man, at this point I’ll be happy to get a page or two done. Or (god forbid) a layout.
  • that redcrown revamp I’ve been stuck on for years at this point

I promise nothing, but those are my hopes. For all I know though I’ll end up with some site I never expected instead.

1 July 2018

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Super exciting update today: I was approved for a longtime wishlister fanlisting, Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. She’s my absolute favorite TV character, so I’m very happy to be running it. Wasn’t able to make as many codes as I wanted, but those will be coming soon.

I also adopted back the Ivalice fanlisting from Ash, though I haven’t had a chance to give it a new layout yet—life has been very busy. I’m still very much on hiatus, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, but it’s nice to pop in every once in a while.

Also, because it looks like I forgot to mention it, I opened a fanlisting for Akane from Psycho-Pass back in January. I’d like to go back and touch it up, but again: busy. Eventually, though.

19 November 2017

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Opened fanlistings to my two favorite Dungeons & Dragons shows, Critical Role and The Adventure Zone. The latter is using a premade layout, unfortunately, because it is currently Nanowrimo and I didn’t have time to design something on top of writing 5,000 words a day. Just not possible. I’ll make something once November is over. (This is what I get for being an overachiever.)

Also added the jobs from The Zodiac Age to Class Select, which I meant to do ages ago, whoops.

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