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15 July 2014

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I was approved for one of my biggest wishlisters a while back, which also happened to be the next fansite I wanted to build. Unfortunately, I’ve been very busy with life things these past few weeks! So unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the fansite by the time the fanlisting needed to go up.

It’s still my current project, though, and I hope to have it done soon. In the meantime, you can check out the fanlisting section of after the fire, my upcoming fansite for Cloud & Tifa from FFVII.

I’ve also closed the post-rock fanlisting and my Diego/Mia fansite/fanlisting, bittersweet love. I don’t have any intentions of bringing that site back. Thanks to those who supported the site all these years.

28 August 2013

sorted under bittersweet love, heaven's requiem, never stop dreaming .

· bittersweet love had already been moved, but it’s now been tidied up and officially archived. As stated on the site, I’m no longer interested in maintaining it, but it’ll remain up as long as this domain exists.

· Moved Seraphic Gate, Heaven’s Requiem, and Never Stop Dreaming. Unless I decide at a later date to cover the other two games, Heaven’s Requiem can be considered static. Never Stop Dreaming will receive a layout refresh and a media section at some point.

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