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5 April 2019

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I’m alive! And I have a new fanlisting: Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m especially happy about this one; FMA has been one of my favorite series for a long, long time.

Unfortunately I’m still on hiatus, although I have more free time these days than I did last year so I’d like to get a few things done. I’ve moved hosts, so there are some backend things I need to get done, but here are some vague hopes for this year:

  • Winds of Change updates? Maybe? FFXII is coming out on Switch and of course I’m going to replay it, so I’ll have fresh thoughts. Plus I still have a ton of notes and screencaps from my PS4 run.
  • Lightning? Finally? Maybe? idefk man, at this point I’ll be happy to get a page or two done. Or (god forbid) a layout.
  • that redcrown revamp I’ve been stuck on for years at this point

I promise nothing, but those are my hopes. For all I know though I’ll end up with some site I never expected instead.

23 April 2018

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Quick update today: DIVIDE and Drafted are now affiliated with Rapture, and Beyond the Sky is now affiliated with Always. Both of these are sites you should absolutely check out, so get to it.

On a separate note: as you’ve surely noticed, site updates are going to be slow for a while as I focus on other things. I’ve been working on a domain revamp for over a year and haven’t been able to get it to come together. Hopefully I can get it to cooperate soon.

12 February 2017

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New site! I’ve opened a fansite for Lunafreya Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV, Moonrise. This site came as a surprise even to me; I didn’t have any plans to make a site for Luna, but when I was approved for the fanlisting I started thinking about how I would go about making a site, and the next thing I knew it was a reality.

I’ve also updated the sites page at the domain, which was significantly out of date. Upcoming sites have been reshuffled to indicate current plans, although as always I’m sure I won’t end up working on what I intend to. (See: the above site.)

I also opened the fanlistings for Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin and the Zero Escape series last year; I keep forgetting to mention them, honestly. They’re both missing about pages, but I’m hoping to add those soon.

12 April 2016

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There’s a new layout up at! I’ve really enjoyed working on this for the past few days. The main highlight is the completely revamped sites section, which is now divided by fandom and includes featured sites. I was never satisfied with way the sites page was set up previously, but I’m much happier with this.

In other news, I’ve changed the layout of the guestbook; it had some coding errors so I simplified it. I’ve also disabled comments on the update blog in order to direct them over there, as it’s easier to have everything in one place.

Also, I’ve adopted the fanlisting for the sky! Yes, the bright blue thing up there. I had a ton of fun putting this together, I hope it shows. ♥

28 March 2016

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As promised in the last post: new site! I’ve opened a fansite for my favorite Water-type Pokémon, Gyarados, called Level 20. The site itself ended up being as much a reflection about the series itself as it is about Gyarados, and as a result it’s a lot more personal than my other Pokémon sites. Enjoy!

Rare Candy and my other Pokémon sites have been updated to reflect the new site.

I’ve also edited the sites section on the main network a little, although I’m planning on revamping it with the next layout. The coming soon section features my overall plans for 2016 in rough order of when I’d like to get them done. (Now that I’ve said that it’ll never happen that way, but oh well.)

10 March 2016

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The red crown network now has a guestbook! I’ve actually wanted to make one for years; I always liked guestbooks back in the day but I haven’t had one in ages. Thanks to the Guestbook Revival Project over at Amassment for giving me the push to make it.

Feel free to leave a note in the guestbook if you have a comment or question about any of my sites.

I’ll be going through and linking it on all of my sites in the next few days. I only have a handful of sites left in the great fanlisting recode project; I left a couple larger fansites for last since I’d like to make more substantial updates to them.

4 September 2015

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New layout at!

I hadn’t realized the last layout had been up so long until I was putting this one up; time really flies. I was really happy with the last design, but since Sailor Moon Crystal has ended it was time to move on to something new. All I can think about lately is how excited I am for Fallout 4, so! Here we are.

I may or may not get something done in the next few weeks; otherwise, things will be quiet here until 2016.

7 March 2015

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New layout at! The new design features one of my life-long fandoms, Sailor Moon. There’s a bunch of tl;dr about my history with Sailor Moon on the domain page.

This design gave me a headache and a half; while this was the original layout idea I had in mind, I couldn’t get it to work at first, and I ended up scrapping a bunch of other layouts in the process of making it. Thankfully it ended up working out in the end and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m always happy when I get to make a design with lots and lots of colors ♥

I have a couple of other designs I need to make (not the least of which is the one for FFXII site… somehow I have 20+ pages of content and still no layout ahaha) so let’s hope this will be a productive month for me.

13 January 2015

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New layout at by my Amassment Secret Santa, Robin. Thanks again! I’ve had like no ideas for a new layout for the main domain so it’s great to have a change, sob.

Made a couple changes to the Pokédex analysis on Soul Dew, and added three affiliates. Next up: probably another Pokémon site. Oops. Where did my motivation to work on other stuff go…

20 May 2014

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I’ve converted the red crown network’s update log to FanUpdate, and transferred all of the old entries over to the script. I’ve been thinking about making this switch for some time, and I believe that FanUpdate’s features will allow me to more effectively catalog all of my sites’ updates. Over the next few days I’ll change the update links for each site; I haven’t yet decided whether to post each site’s updates on both this log and the sites themselves, but will do so soon.

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